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Eco-Nai+ is Nigeria’s first dedicated digital geo-journalism platform focused on a multi-stakeholder-centred collection, aggregation, storage, processing, visualisation, interpretation and reporting of geo-spatial data towards a sustainable environment. It is our strategic response to the climate crisis.
We have built five innovative tools that allow users of the Eco-Nai+ platform to become active stakeholders in the fight against climate change. The tools span functionality ranging from user-generated data to real-time tracking of environmental phenomena. They are: Uvreign, Geo-Viz+, RepoSquare, Trorb, Ecober.
Ripples Nigeria, Nigeria’s multi-award-winning multimedia online news platform, is behind the project. Supported by Google through the Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge grant to media initiatives in Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Eco-Nai+ is aiming to innovatively impact the fight against climate change through geo-journalism in Africa, beginning from Nigeria.
As a subscriber to our premium service, a number of high-value benefits are derivable including exclusive access to advanced tool features, customisation of data management options, and far-reaching licensing permissions for use of proprietary platform assets